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The act of operating for president towards Elizabeth Warren proves Bernie Sanders is sexist, so says ABC’s far-left political analyst Matthew Dowd.

We now know three issues…

1) Warren is hoping to spice up her waning ballot numbers by taking out poor, previous Bernie Sanders. The 287-yr-previous coronary heart assault sufferer is having fun with a little bit of a surge. Lieawatha is struggling a swoon. Iowa and New Hampshire are solely weeks away. Bernie and Warren are splitting the loopy-left vote that, if mixed, might topple Burisma Joe Biden. So Warren made her transfer by leaking a narrative to far-left CNN about Bernie telling her a lady might by no means win the presidency.

2) Bernie can’t beat Trump. Warren in all probability can’t, both. However as a result of Warren is just a pretend Indian and Bernie is a full-blown communist, she has the higher shot, so…

three) ObamaLand has ordered the media to take Bernie down, a political assassination CNN hoped to carry out throughout Tuesday night time’s debate by mendacity, by falsely assuming as reality Senator Stalin did inform Fauxahontas a lady can’t win the presidency.

Now, as ham-handed as CNN’s transfer was, Dowd’s is a doozy…

Dowd, who has already been uncovered as a sexist himself, is hoping to drift the narrative that Bernie’s determination to run for president towards Warren de facto proves Bernie’s a sexist.

Critically, that’s the degree of commentary and DeepThink we’re getting from our elite media lately… It’s now sexist to compete with a woman for a job.

Immediately referencing Bernie, Dowd tweeted this out to the world Tuesday with a straight face: “You already know one clear solution to exhibit that you simply consider a lady can and ought to be president? Don’t attempt to defeat a lady operating for President.”

Are you kidding me…?

Nope, he was not kidding in any respect.

If Dowd’s unique DeepThink wasn’t dangerous sufficient all by itself, he doubled and tripled down on it when challenged.

A lady took situation with this, saying, “I’m not a Bernie supporter in any respect. However I feel this Sanders & Warren controversy is totally overblown. Bernie shouldn’t be a sexist.”

Right here’s Dowd’s lunk-headed reply: “What I discover fascinating is that he retains operating for president.”

One other lady chimed in, “[I]f he feels he needs to run for president and there are ladies who oppose him, so be it. I don’t assume we should always maintain that towards him.”

The sexist Dowd responded to this with the condescending assumption he wanted to make clear his unique level, as if a lady is simply too silly to know what he meant.

“Level is,” Dowd tweeted, “for those who actually consider a lady can and ought to be president then why are you making an attempt to defeat a ladies.”

“We don’t need lady pres simply because she’s a lady… we would like variety to have the ability to run and win on his or her personal deserves,” she replied.

And once more, like she’s a dolt who didn’t perceive his level on two events, Dowd repeated his condescending rationalization. “The purpose is,” he barked at her, “you possibly can’t say a progressive lady must be president and you then go about defeating progressive ladies for president.”

Properly, gee, Matt the Cuck, despite the fact that you’re a sexist, you continue to wish to pose as a male feminist, to pose as somebody who needs to see ladies advance within the work world…. Why are you standing in a lady’s means?

Let me put it this manner…

“You already know one clear approach to show that you simply consider a lady can and will advance in media? Step down as ABC’s political analyst, so a lady can have that job.”

Anyway, in line with Dowd’s feeble thoughts, Barack Obama is the most important sexist of all. In 2008, it was Hillary Clinton’s flip, and Obama simply man-spreaded her out of the image.

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